A downloadable game for Windows

Mangomarines is still in developement and very early at that. However it is time to start testing for improvements with a dedicated community like itch.io.

The game is set on the Falkland Islands and is a simple multiplayer cap-the-point type of shooter. I plan to add a build menu for weapon emplacements and maybe even more sophisticated stuff but that lays in the future.

I hope you enjoy what you see and would be happy to take feedback.

Please also write in the discussion board if you encounter errors (the one when people disconnect are always there, just clear them when in the pause menu).

Install instructions

Unpack your .zip file, Hit the exe. in the Folder.

Also, remember that the LAN port is hardcoded to 7777 and the IP is set to localhost for default so you can just hit "Join" when testing locally.

Your controls are pretty standart and can be configured in the Startup menu. The most notable is "b" to open you buy menu and purchase firearms. You switch using your scroll wheel.


MangoMarinesAlpha.zip 31 MB

Development log